Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Martha Stewart Halloween Edition

I may try my darndest to resist the mindless sheep following, but I admit I am a total sucker for Martha Stewart Halloween stuff. I spend ages at the Halloween section on their page, and get all googly eyed at the special Halloween editions. My supervisor, also a Halloween nut, was awesome enough to pick me up a copy of this when he saw it in stores...

Lookit! New shiny edition of Halloweeny-ness!

Among Halloweeny craftiness, there are also a number of large full page ads for grandin road, the carrier of this years Martha Stewart's halloween line. If you've ever flipped through previous Martha Halloween editions, there is a disappointingly high number of familiar projects, but they're still pretty and there's enough new stuff sprinkled about to make it worth while. I particularly love the victorian-esque nature of a lot of this years costume ideas. You'll have to get the mag to see all the pretty pics, but here's a peek at some of the goodies featured over at grandin road...

there are other Halloween goodies over there, you'll just have to head on over to check it out.

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