Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The products of a Halloween mind

My very first year of art college, I met a very special guy. He looked like Johnny Depp and drew like Tim Burton, and wore a long, flowly victorian style coat and had crazy black hair. His apartment was filled with old dusty trunks and old Boris Karloff movies and things wrapped in twine, and always smelled like spices and Halloween.

His name was Jesse.

If Halloween were a person, I'd say it was Jesse, and so when my inbox informed me I had received an e-mail from Jesse with one of his latest Halloween creations, I just knew I had to share his awesome Halloween spirit here. This is what arrived in my inbox-

It's one of his yearly Halloween scarecrows, and I can't wait to see more. I kinda wish I had the time to create such a creation in my front lawn, and alas Jesse lives too far from me for me to bribe him with Halloween cookies. Not only does this guy make awesome Halloween scarecrows, but also makes some wonderfully wicked art.

He has his own blog, so if you wish to fill your mind with more dark drawings, have a gander at Haunted Nonsense, and lets hope he posts more awesome scarecrows.


  1. I love Jesse and I haven't even met him yet! Sounds like the perfect Halloween Gentleman! I am going to check out his blog now! Thanks for sharing! :o)

  2. Ha! I feel just like Wendy. I adore his blog. Thanks for exposing me to this and so many other wonderfully spooky places this October. You're wonderful!

  3. I just discovered his artwork through an issue of Somerset Studio. He is very talented.