Thursday, July 16, 2009

Department 56 Halloween

I'm usually not one for such strong product placement, but I've always loved Department 56's Halloween stuff. They even have some cute tutorials, all though conveniently some of them require the use of their products. Still, you can learn to make Boo Bubblers, above.

Or Frankenstein's Lab filled with yummy goodies

Or some spooky tea stained Gauze!

Sadly, I was informed that Department 56 was bought out last year, and so 2008 was their last Halloween line. :( Saddness. If you have any of the Halloween Krinkles or Dept 56 collectibles, hold on to them tight!


  1. Sadly, Dept.56 was bought out by Enesco. 2008 was the last Halloween line. :0 (