Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Last Year's Costume - Steampunkin'

Yesiree, last year was a blast. I got inspired by steampunk early on, and started sketching up a costume. After a little bit of sketching, I got this...

A friend of mine helped me sew it up. The spats, pants, hat and skirt are all handmade. The bodice is one of those things you can buy in the ladies department store to make you look slimmer... or steampunkier ;) The shirt was an old tux shirt I got at a thrift store, with a modified collar to make it fit my dashing red sash. The jacket, since it's one of the first things people seem to ask about, is actually a Victoria's secret 4 in 1 jacket. The dreads were handmade for me the halloween before by a lady on Etsy. The whole shebang was slaved over because I had the party of all parties to go to on all Hallow's eve... a halloween wedding! It ROCKED.

So the question becomes... what should I be this year?


  1. I love this costume! Everything about it is so cool! Were the dreads heavy?

  2. They were a bit actually, but you kinda get used to them after a bit. Then when you take em off your head feels all funny