Thursday, July 9, 2009

Halloween Capital of the World - Next door?

I know this piece of knowledge must have been stored in my brain before, but for some reason it failed to illuminate itself until... well, someone mentioned it. Funny how things work that way. As it turns out, the "Halloween Capital of the World" is a few minutes north of me in Anoka Minnesota. Hmm... capital of the world you say? That's a bold claim... a peek at their website doesn't really impress me with it's holiday festiveness. Someone seriously needs to give these people a style makeover... I mean, if this is what we're presenting to the world as the penultimate Halloween destination... well, I think we can do better.

However, I'm not one to pass judgment until I've actually seen the whole shebang, so rest assured as October creeps closer I'll make plans to check out ol' Halloweentown...

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