Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Country Halloween

It's September, and in my eyes officially fall! I pranced over to Michael's store and bought some apothecary jars and lots of mallow pumpkins to liven up my buffet table, and am now happily watching Sleepy Hollow and ogling over Johnny Depp. Let the season begin!

Very much like my refusal to admit in public I'm a deep fan of Martha Stewart (but only when Halloween is involved) I am also as unlikely to admit that I'm quite fond of Country Living. They did a fabulous lineup of vintage images I featured before, but that's not all they have up their sleeves. They have a whole host of delectable images and ideas that make me think maybe country bumpkins know something I don't. These images just make me want to run away to a house in the woods as soon as the fall air arrives...

They have a variety of tutorials and templates you can try out to achieve some of these darling effects. Get all the ghoulish details over on the webpage.

1 comment:

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