Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Finer Things

I have to say, when I'm looking for the perfect one-of-a-kind Halloween costume, there are only a few places to look, as far as I'm concerned. Your neighborhood thrift store (I got the BEST pair of victorian boots ever at mine for 3 bucks. Wear em' everyday now)... aannd, Etsy.
Etsy is by far the best way to get custom, cool stuff, sometimes for really sweet prices. Sometimes, well custom stuff is expensive. I find the best way to make an awesome costume is to thrift %90, and splurge on one item that'll really make it rock. For instance, any of these would do the trick...

A burlesque steampunk victorian bustle. How bad@ass is that. All you need are some cheap tights and a poofy top, and that skirt will make you, baby. You'll be pirating air ships in no time..

Not feeling steampunk enough? Well, no steampunk outfit is complete without your brass goggles. A steampunker without their goggles is like a yuppie without their Starbucks. One cannot be without the other. The more superfluous gadgets the better. Plus, steampunk is soo in this year.

Feeling more the masquerade type? How bout' a beautiful handmade mask? This specimen may not be the most refined, but that's what I love about it. It feels like an illustration come to life. If Neil Gaiman had a masquerade ball, I picture it being filled with faces like this...

This seller is sadly no longer on Etsy, but I fantasized about em so much last fall I just had to include them. Stunning angel wings done in natural, golden tones. I so love that they're not white. Why do you never see angels with wings like these? They're so beautiful. If anyone knows where this seller went, let me know!

If you're feeling more monster this time of year, never fear. The hazardly hairy creations of ZFJade will have you outfitted in no time. I must confess, these are going to be part of my costume (I'm going as the crazy bunny Max from Sam and Max, and I needed some seriously wicked bunny feet. Mine are sans claws) If boots aren't on your list, there are claws, hats and the like to outfit you to your monster best. Hell, I'm going to wear mine around everywhere.

Speaking of monsters, I suppose we should get back to the fact that Halloween is supposed to be for the kiddies (bah I say) but if your little one is going to learn how to truly appreciate this wickedest of all Holidays, you better get them outfitted in their best early. I say if you're going to go monster, you should go for some of the most beloved monsters of all time... a Wild Thing!! My boyfriend and I went as a Wild Thing and Max a few years ago. It was a blast.

Want something that will make you look suave with any outfit? Never mind the rest, stick on this hat with some tattered clothing and you're in for a wicked good time. Deliciously gothic, with a wonderful tattered touch of Halloween, this hat would work for anything.

Still can't find that perfect Halloween accessory you're aching for? Check out Etsy's full costume lineup for some spooky good ideas. Happy hunting!

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  1. Great finds! I especially adore the steampunk goodies (ooh, bustle!)
    - Jess @