Wednesday, September 30, 2009

PumpkinRot - Yard Spooktacular

Awhile back I covered the wonderful etsy store of Pumpkin Hollow, and I mentioned that among spooky sweet pumpkins they also had some fantastic zombies and ghouls. Well, I should have imaged that the person who makes those fearsome creatures would have a truly awe inspiring, terror-inducing lawn display.

PumpkinRot is the fantastic website of the creator of those ghouls, and he has oodles and oodles of photos from his Halloween displays over the years. I'm usually more of an elegant-scary kinda girl for halloween, (vs. say lots of rubber rats and plastic severed arms kinda halloween) but these fiber-wrapped, sculped zombies are just too amazingly wonderful. If I want to be scared out of my wits on Halloween, I want it to be THIS kinda scary...

I just adore the color work, and that decadent sense of decay all his characters have. Go visit Pumpkin Rot for more photos than you could ever hope for of awesome, creepy lawn displays my neighbors will never be cool enough to have.



  1. I love this! Thanks for sharing. :-)

    I wish we celebrated Halloween like this here, too. Some do, but not as... hmmm, what's the word...? Fabulous? :D

  2. I love sharing :) I do wish some of my neighbors took up the cause this seriously. *sigh* Fabulous is a good word I'd say...