Monday, September 28, 2009

Soup in a ... Pumpkin?

There are a few things in fall I cherish above all others. Halloween, leaves, Halloween, cold air, pumpkins, halloween, apple cider, decorating for Halloween, and hot soup in a bread bowl. And Halloween. I might have mentioned that already. Hot soup in a bread bowl is just about as "fall-y" as you can get, but it wasn't quite as Halloweeny as you can get- until now. Check out this awesome recipe:

Yum yum! Soup in a pumpkin shaped bread bowl! Perfect for Halloween parties or just fall goodness. Don't worry, it's not weird pumpkin flavored bread or anything, which people always seem to think is a good idea until they have to taste it with split pea soup. Eww...

Get the how to over at The Idea Room.

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